Hellaween Parts I, II & III


never try to go 3D blacklite mini golfing on mushrooms before halloween

this is from the nite we met the ghost of regis philbin… sum sp0o0oky shit

then the giants won the world series and sf turned into world war III, cops blocked off all the streets around the princess castle

we drank some 4 lokos and made out with some fanz, lauren still has this guys #

then we started lighting dumpsters on fire til the cops broke us up and grace went mia for the night after this picture was taken

we’ve been recording some twisted tunes, have our first music video coming out soon

our friend dr. doolittle has his way with the animals


santa cruzinnn, home of the red party cup

channeling velma and daphne from scooby doo

we found a baby graveyard up in the mountains, lit one up for bb norma isabel

the locals luv us over at joes bar up the mountains of Boulder Creek.
we stayed down the street at the haunted lodge and did sum kareoke for good measure.

just another night in the mission. this guy kept trying to show me his stomach scar, siq shit.


i was dancing to stevie wonder with this fool and his boom box for a while

we went to this old army bunker, got stoned and climbed around

we bought these tasty treats hoping they’d be banana flavored but they were lemon

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