Grace’s Winter

Recently our photography stuff has been pretty slow moving, we’ve had a lot going on and it’s been tough to find the time to get sets off people, sorry. Ideally, we need Jess Gough to give up her course and dedicate her life to hassling people with cameras to give us photos.

Lucky for us, Grace Denis (previously of ‘adventure photography’ -we came up with that term- pioneers Lauren & Grace) sent over some cool shots of her winter in Washington for yous guys to look at.

We went to the aquarium at the Academy of Sciences, they had this really rad albino alligator there.

My archery class.

Pissing out windows

My roommate Alison in this wooden teepee we found.

My gurl Julia sidewalkin surfin outside the Smell.

My lil brother knows wutsup.

This is my best beast/bitch witch/soul sister.

My drive down to Los Angeles

Whitney hiking up in Marin.

I found this guy on alcatraz and brought him home.

Virginia likes to hang out in backpacks and sleep in sinks.


Moss spirits.

Pack of dogs in the woods of Washington.

We went down to the marina in Olympia.

Indica the pup and Lady Gagag: true luv.

Puppy luv.

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