Turbogeist Tour Bros

In a world that has the internet, Google Earth, videophones and planes to everywhere, touring the United States in a van might be seen as an unnecessary hardship to undergo for a young and rowdy punk band trying to make their mark in the world. Turbogeist could have just stayed at home and hired a online PR to do spread the word for them, but Soundcloud embed codes and press releases are no substitute for accidentally seeing each other’s balls, getting really bad cramp in the van, rolling around on the floor of strangers’ houses, making fun of foreign things, discovering one of you sucks his thumb in his sleep, stretching your legs in towns with stupid names, acting cool cos you’re in a fucking band on tour, being sick, getting lost, waking up freezing cold, arguing about pointless things or getting so, so bored of the tour mixtapes you all made.

Turbogeist just did a tour of Canada and America, because they’re tight bros. They sent us photos from their various cameras, and having said that thing about Soundcloud embed codes, here’s a Soundcloud of their new single:

Alien by Turbogeist

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