If you’ve been keeping up with Gordon’s Disposable Diaries series then you won’t be reading this introduction. You’ll probably have skipped straight to the good stuff and already be at picture 3 by now - it’s a load of neon lights on attached to a ceiling, sorry to spoil it for you. But if, however, you are stumbling upon this for the first time allow us to explain.

Gordon is documenting a year in his life through the medium of £2.99 disposable cameras, which he may or may not have bought from Snappy Snaps. He is trying to take at least one photo per day. What follows is this month’s effort where he travels to Latvia, attends a stag do and ends up hanging out in an old Soviet bunker shooting glocks, AK-47s and pump action shotguns.


02.04.10 - JOHNNY PERRAL!

10.04.10 - Snakes & Strongbow

11.04.10 - Lightsabers

11.04.10 - Operation


15.04.10 - NO THRUSH!

21.04.10 - “NOT THE MAMA!”

23.04.10 - Ash Cloud?


23.04.10 - RIGA!

23.04.10 - Latvian Pussy!

24.04.10 - Pick N’ Mix

24.04.10 - GLOK N’ LOAD!

24.04.10 - The Boss

25.04.10 - JELLYFISH!


28.04.10 - True Bearings!


Until next month Gordon.