I finally got around to reviewing the big stack of zines that I’ve gotten in the mail over the past few months. The first one on the pile was the new zine by Ryan De La Hoz called Residual Energy and it’s great.

Residual Energy is a nice magazine sized collection of drawings, photos, comics, and optical illusions. Ryan’s work is great and this is a really fun zine. 24 pages printed by Magcloud or whatever.

This first piece on the left is my favorite, but I’m guessing someone else bought it already. Bummer. In case you didn’t already notice, Fecal Face posted some pictures from Ryan’s zine release show at Gallery Heist a couple days ago right here.


Above is probably the best photo spread I have seen in a long long time.




So that’s that. Ryan De La Hoz puts out a winner. You can get it here if you want. If you don’t want to do that, you can go to the Double Punch Gallery website and watch videos of Ryan talk about products. It always makes me a laugh.

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