This is the girl in the back of that smoky nightclub that you shouldn’t have gone home with. This is the after party in a basement dungeon on the wrong side of town. These are the bad kids that you shouldn’t be hanging out with. This is the hunger for sleaze and sex and midnight city adventure… going out and causing trouble just to make some life stories. This is the smell of the grime and piss of the back alleys and the true heartbeat of being alive and of not giving a fuck. This is the “one more shot”, “one more smoke”, and “one more fuck” before the morning comes. There IS such thing as living as if there is absolutely no tomorrow. Fun House by The Stooges is the record that is popping endlessly in your veins throughout all of the action.

Iggy Pop is fucking monster on this album. The “godfather of punk rock” is in his best form, filled with fighting venom, as he growls and snaps like a tiger with Rabies, shirtless and crazy, just how we like him. There is a timeless filth to this album that is absolutely perfect. The sound of this record is just plain dirt… a sound that could never ever be replicated. Fun House is one of those records that made me realize that I was born at the wrong fucking time. I was stuck growing up listening to Morrissey cry about baby shit while in 1970, on Planet Stooges, life was raw and loud and Detroit’s finest made no apologies about it.

The most props on this masterpiece should be given to Ron Asheton, whose guitar snarls and bucks with his such serious riffs and solos… each note wailing in pain while his amplifier is screaming “sex and drugs!” I’ve been listening to this record for my entire life and it still chills my spine to hear Iggy’s banshee squeals on “L.A. Blues”, which is a total acid trip of a musical shit show that only The Stooges could deliver at the peak of their career.

This album is a true masterpiece and anyone who fails to see that needs to go back to rock n’ roll school. Fun House is essential to any music collection, not to mention it is a killer record to get laid to. In 1970, The Stooges ruled with a rock n’ roll eroticism that was saddled with both volume and danger. The Stooges were the real deal. Go steal this record.

The Stooges - L.A. Blues

07 L.A. Blues