Some Good Films That Happened

End of the year lists: Sometimes I love them but this year I hate them. I guess I just got lazy alright? And besides, The Social Network’s ego is out of hand as it is. For me the best film of 2010 is Yorgos Lanthimos’s Dogtooth; totally twisted, truly original and highly provocative.

The story (the less y’all Wikipedia, the better) is set inside a claustrophobic family home where a married couple entrap their kids in a disturbing, self-enclosed environment, captured beautifully by Lanthimos’s unsettlingly still direction. It’s a boldly perverse film with tonnes of surprises in it, marketed with one of 2010′s prettiest posters.

So yeah, if you’re not a total cunt you’ll go and watch Dogtooth.

2010 on whole then; I guess it was ayte. Real?-Not Real? movies and faux documentaries are so hot right now and that’s definitely a good thing.

Think Exit through the Gift Shop…Catfish…I’m Still Here. It seems that blurring the lines between reality and fiction is an increasingly popular way of grabbing audiences attentions. Terry is the latest one. Make of it what you will.

But this year also marked the death of the blockbuster. Incompetent expensive shit was everywhere, from the profoundly messy Iron Man 2 to Tron: Legacy. Seeing the latter was such a traumatic experience, the only way I can express my feeling toward it through this footage.


There was a film in 2010 that everybody loved but despite what you’ve heard, or what you thought before reading this post Christopher Nolan’s Inception is very much awful. Okay so it looks the shit, but it’s so boring and stuffed with blatant exposition. It’s a film feverishly trying to spin your head whilst feverishly trying to explain how it’s spinning it. It’s completely in love with itself, but who’d want to love a humourless and unambiguous mess like Inception? Critics called it a ‘mind-fuck’?! Well it certainly fucked their minds.

It wasn’t all bad though. Scorsese returned with Shutter Island, an arty thriller marketed as his most commercial movie in years. I was really feeling it; a stylistic and thematic departure for Marty, owing a lot to 1950′s B-Movies and Hitchcock. Creepy and elegant. Also Edgar Wright adapted Scott Pilgrim but don’t believe the box office cos the end product was an adorable little movie. Lol funny and seriously inventive visually. And finally Darrenofski’s Black Swan. Despite its wildly over the top approach to creating proper tension, parts of it are genius. In fact I’m sure it’s genius. But I will have to double check.

That’s it from me. I hope you’ve all seen some ace movies this year and for all the trashy ones, just do what I do and bitch your tits off. Merry Christmas all! XXX


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