Remember the internet about ten years ago? No one used their own name. Everyone used pseudonyms instead in an attempt to either be someone else or hide who they are. Then something changed. I’m going to blame Facebook.

Now everyone has every detail of their life listed and tagged online, as if accuracy is the ultimate aim. And it doesn’t even seem weird. It seems natural. But it is weird and unnatural.

It’s not surprising then that bands would emerge who wish to remain anonymous - Burial was the master of it, WU LYF are doing it, Silver Columns and Summer Camp flirted with it. E A S Y are a bit like that too. I can’t find anything about them or this song anywhere, other than the actual MP3 itself. I’m not sure if they’re being really clever or annoyingly obtuse about the whole thing, but either way you look at it, “Venice Beach” is kind of ghostly and ethereal in a way that suits both their mystery and a lot of other music floating around the blogs right now.

E A S Y - “Venice Beach”

DOWNLOAD - EASY - “Venice Beach”