Boiler Room #40 YOYO w/ Seb Chew, Marcus Nasty, Lil Silva, Leo Greenslade & Special Guest

This show will be broadcasted live at 8pm, Tuesday 18th January 2011.


Seb Chew is the guy behind YoYo. You know, that club night all the really attractive girls on your course go to. Essentially, he’s a badman promoter with mad AnR skills, who also DJ’s on Rinse.

Seb has invited some YoYo favourite down for his Boiler Room takeover. Including N.A.S.T.Y Crew founder, turned International purveyor of UK Funky - Mr Marcus ‘Ayia Napa’ Nasty. A true innovator.

Lil Silva first turned when tracks like Pulse Vs. Flex were released on white label. These soon lead to a pair of 12″s on Night Slugs, who y’all know and love.

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