Boiler Room #36 Pictures Music W/ Dark Sky, Rudi Zygadlo (live), Koreless + Seams (live)


This show was broadcasted at 8pm, Tuesday 7th December 2010.

Koreless’ 25 minute live Boiler Room set

This is what Seams and video artist safe solvent came up with whilst trying to explain what carnival was like. My own personal experience of carnival involved a lot stepping over chicken carcass, watching girls fighting whilst being shoved around in the rain attempting to get the tube home again. Different strokes though eh.


Up Down Up Down by Koreless

Like so much ultra dope stuff, Koreless is currently based in Glasgow. He also makes some real heat in the studio. It’s a tried and tested formula.

Jamie XX really came through with the selector wow last week, and for those who watch you may remember this from his Colette mix. Dark Sky were the Boogaloo Crew, but then they switched up their sound to something a bit more ‘now’. This XX remix is a real treat, and they truly know how to DJ your party.

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