Videodrone: Bumper Edition

What are you even supposed to do between Christmas and New Year? All the great sneaker shops are having sales I suppose, but that’s one afternoon. Maybe you’re still at your folks’ house or maybe you’re back in town but no one else is around? Either way, websites that aren’t posting are missing a trick because there’s probably a lot of people sitting around hungover and lazy, and laptops are the new daytime tv.

Emilie Branch sent some videos in today. We could have let them bleed out slowly in our hil-a-ri-ous Videodrone section, but they kind of segue together as one piece and a lot of you presumably have a lot of time on your hands…

This is a student film about a Bahamian myth—my friend from the Bahamas told me that they make all the kids in school read about Johnny and the Chickacharnie. This was the best re-enactment I could find, but it froze or something and I don’t know what happens after the basketball game.

Sanitation worker who can’t drive, and destroys a car; in his defense, he’s surrounded by like 5 feet of snow. The best is the guy filming it, who calls everything play by play, in a really arrogant NY prick, kind of way, ex “What the fuuuckkkk?”

****This is the best one—it’s a conversation between two “drug felons” discussing the benefits of a new law that clears drug convictions off the criminal record, with a translation of what they’re saying on screen. “They gotta get me a program”, translates to “That certainly means I am eligible.” Either the convo is fake or the guy translating has a great sense of humor, but not both.

Gratuitous “surfing a mega wave” vid

Fake Japanese Pool, I don’t know. We took away their army.

Monkey riding a dog in a rodeo. I think that 20 second video summed up Japan and this one sums up America.

Style advice about why I’m not wearing a hat

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