This Is Called Blowing It

Jereme Rogers is a pro skater who is in video games and stuff. He also harbours ambitions beyond his skating career to be the worst rapper in the world. He had to turn comments off on this video after about an hour, look at how many ‘dislikes’ there are, he must be broken-hearted.

This is the kind of blowing it that Joaquin Phoenix did a pretty good job of illustrating in a movie recently. It’s not like skaters are a forgiving bunch who’ll let this kind of thing slide like football fans who will forget allegations of serial rape as long as the player can kick a ball really hard or whatever it is they’re supposed to do. Skateboarders are mean snobs in the same way music fans are, if you fuck up they won’t ever let it go.

The other thing about this guy is that everything you read on the internet about him says he is a devout Christian, which is a) completely lame and b) a bit rich given that this track begins with a few lines about ripping open vaginas with his magnum dick.

The best Christian skateboarder was Gator, and that’s because it drove him mad and he murdered a girl to death.

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