The Milk Of Danzig

Claire in a jacket wot she painted

There’s been a recession on and all sorts of cuts being made, and it’s impossible for art school grads to get jobs at the best of times, so right now getting on yer bike like Thatcher wanted and finding stuff to do isn’t such a bad idea.

Illustrator Claire Barrow has a little cottage industry going where she gets leather jackets, paints them up real nice and sells them on eBay. She’s doing one a week but also has a deal where you can send her a jacket and she’ll do whatever design you want. She calls her lil’ company The Milk Of Danzig, which is great, and you can find the site here (don’t just ask for metal album covers please, that’d be painfully boring). There’s only 53 days left til Christmas and what do you get the girl who has everything and yadda yadda…

If you’re doing shit like this you should let us know and we’ll tell the world, it’s way more admirable than just sitting on the dole and hoping for a meeeeedia job.

(Claire’s illustration blog is here too, btw)

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