The Man Repeller

My girlfriend works in fashion, which is totally hot, and if I’m meeting her after she’s been to work sometimes she says things on the phone like ‘you’re going to hate this outfit when you see me’, which is never actually true (she’s got good taste and she could wear a black bin bag with legholes cut in it and I’d still think she had it going on, cute huh?), but she’s basically saying ‘this is some cutting edge shit I’m rolling with today, and you might not get it because, well, you won’t’.

I admit, sometimes certain things need to be explained to me because I only like punk t shirts, Supreme and Nike, and apparently there’s a whole world of clothing beyond my slightly limited horizons. My girl also believes that flares and floor length dresses are on the way back, which I suppose is payback for the last five years being all about porno wet look leggings and tight slutty dresses, but fashion will always move forward, and the real front runners in that world know that to make a sexy omelette you’ve got to break a few sartorial eggs, so I’m learning to shut the hell up because I turn into a narrow minded, angry Republican around things I don’t understand. It’s not an attractive quality.

What I’m saying is true fashion G’s don’t worry too much about what straight, unkempt men think of their look, because they’re looking to the aesthetic future, not trying to get laid all the time. Case in point: the super cute Leandra Medine, the girl behind The Man Repeller, which is a blog dedicated to fashion experiments that pay no mind to what one-track perma-adolescent dunces like myself think about women’s fashion. Her blog is kind of old news to the fashion world (I think I saw it on the Telegraph website!? Cutting edge.) but it’s new to dummies like me with girlfriends who are way more sophisticated than they are. Also it’s funny.

Here’s a few examples of the outfits The Man Repeller puts on/gets behind in the name of pushing things forward:

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