That’s Racist (And Hot)

My lady-friend is a teacher, a molder of young minds, if you will, which is a noble profession, and much more important than anything I’ll ever do with my life. Probably. Until I sell my script based on my adventures writing a blog to Hollywood, in which case in your fucking face everyone.

Usually she teaches pretty standard elementary school books to the kids. Like this:

Or this:

But this other book she was reading last night sort of gave me pause. And a boner.

Let’s take a look inside, shall we?  NSFW below, you big ninnies.

Here’s a couple pages from inside. I’m not, you know, making a judgment or anything. I’m just saying is all.

He loved it daily.

Especially Alex and Nate.

I couldn’t help thinking this book reminded me of something.

Oh right.


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