Sorry Americans: It’s Always Sunny…

It’s nice that people in America read Platform, but we’re not going to bow to international pressure and change the spelling of words for them. These ‘colours’ don’t run, guys.

In that spirit of no compromise, ftw, selling out is for pussies, Dunkirk spirit, triumph over adversity, who needs the yankie dollar, to hell with international treaties etc etc, we’re going to tell you Brits about something that is completely and utterly old news (it’s six series in) in America. It’s a show called It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and to the best of our knowledge no one’s shown it on UK tv, but because we’re handy with the downloading, we’ve been laughing our fucking faces off since we got hold of it last month. If you’re good with downloads and torrents and whatnot too, go get it right freaking here.

In a nutshell, it’s about four down and out friends in their late twenties who own a bar no one goes to, and don’t have a single moral compass between them, they devise hair-brained schemes which lead to hilarious adventures. Sounds like a recipe for sitcom gold, right? It is. Want our advice? Skip the first season (you can tell it had potential, but it wasn’t quuuiiiiittteeee there) and go straight in with season 2, when Danny Devito arrives as Frank, the twins’ dad (just watch it) and moves in with ‘the hapless’ (does ‘hapless’ ever get used outside of when people are describing sitcom characters?) Charlie, who is the best character in the show. Oh shit does it get funny.

We know you’re at work right now, but please, set yourself a reminder on your phone for later to go get hold of a few episodes of this show and watch them. And you know what? YOU’RE WELCOME.


  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz 12:31 pm

    its old news in the UK too..

  • zzzzzzzzzzzz 12:59 pm

    old news in the UK too..

  • Alex 3:58 pm

    I didn’t know about it yet, so thanks for the heads up.

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