Second O.F-Related Post Of The Day: Mellowhype

Blackenedwhite is the latest offering from the Odd Future camp and it definitely doesn’t disappoint, in fact its fucking dope and you all need this in your life.

Blackenedwhite, the second album from duo Mellowhype (consisting of LeftBrain on the boards and Hodgy Beats on the rhymes) also features all your favourites from O.F. such as Earl, Tyler, Domo Genesis and a few others.

The album production is dark and lo-fi  and Hodgy is on some shadowy shit, but it’s still full of the humorous one liners and all the fun shit you would’ve come to expect from the most interesting crew in hip hop at the moment.

It’s Californian experimental hip hop without pretense, backpacks or artfags. What more could you want? Here’s a link (second time today!) to download the album and all the other Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All shit, and a couple of videos…

Look out for more O.F. coming your way soooooooooooooooon…

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