Rap Photos From Ricky Powell: In Peckham Right Now!

Anyone in London these next few weeks should get the on the 436 bus and get a free ride to Peckham, not only will you be able to visit Primark, get some fake Nike and see the library in all its glory, but you can stop by the Montpellier and see some rap music photos by Ricky Powell, who pretty much ran rap photography in the eighties and nineties.

LAVA Collective are responsible for this show, you should check their site because they sell cool prints like this.

If you own a Supreme hat or a Beasties record you owe it to yourself to drop in. Here’s a few of Ricky’s coolest photos, to get you in the mood.

If you go and it gets you into superfan mode, try getting hold of one of the shirts he did with Magic Stick earlier this year, they’re cool.

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