Post Apocalypse VHS Horror With Lemmy And Iggy

Greetings of the night.

I dugged this one from my collection to let loose Lemmy and Iggy in an industrial heavy metallic sci-fi. Although this copy I got is so damaged that I could only see the first 30 minutes of it, the whole thing’s on Youtube (here’s part 1). The intense post-nuclear-apocalyptic backdrop sets a tone for the barbaric journey of a metal scavenger, slashing his way through a desert wasteland to meet his regenerative cyborg nemesis ‘Mark-13′.

Great soundtrack too \m/, the London Symphony Orchestra did a lot of it. Download it here!

Here’s the trailer to get your nuts and bolts cranking:

love, Hans.


  • corpsesword November 10, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    WHOA! Blast from the past, I had a barely watchable pirate VHS of this in 1996. James Newell Osterborg


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