Night Screams Is A Shit Movie

Don’t be fooled by the amazing cover like I was! This is a terrible movie (even when viewed with a wry ironic smile). There’s no green slime and no thrills. Parts of the film cut from one scene to another without any correlation in plot and dialogue. The ‘maniacs’ aren’t even scary. They just look like a couple of dudes who’s had an OTT weekend of beer and speed, realised they both fancy each other and so crashed a college house party to prove how manly they are. Expect ‘different method of killing’ scenes and D-movie acting.

However, if you’re slasher fiend like me then here’s the 1st part on youtube, a guy called retroslashermovies put it up along with a few other, erm, retro slasher movies:

Seriously, I dare you to enjoy it.

PS recently I made this video for Simian Mobile Disco with my pal Jose.


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