Mossless Magazine

(Photo by Daniel Augschoell)

Noo Yoik’s Mossless Magazine interview a new photographer every two days riiiiggggghhhht here. It’s a good read all the time, hearing about people’s motivations behind their work is interesting whether you like their stuff or not, the questions they ask aren’t too nerdy or boring and a photographer might be able to take a lot from it. It’s totally worth checking out and spending some time on the site, I killed a good hour or two before bed last night and I was into the following guys: Charles Guthrie, Niall O’Brien (we’ve been trying to get hold of her through Platform for ages) and Yves Drillet, but I’m no photography connoisseur, I’m just your average schmoe. They also do everyone a favour and only put one photo up for each guy and make it so you have to click through to see more. That’s the kind 0f team player mentality that’s to be encouraged.

If I’m completely honest with you, I only found out about them yesterday when they sent an circular email to raise awareness for their print project that they’re doing. That’s cool and everything, but they’ve got a really great concept online, why bother getting crazy stressed, maxing out on coffee, spending thousands of dollars and falling out with all your best friends over layouts at 5am just for a few hundred print mags? You couldn’t get us to do that again for all the Nandos in the world. That said, it’s nothing to do with me, and they might have a load of different reasons for doing it and be way more organised than we ever were when we tried it. Go check it all out and decide for yourself. Word.

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