MF Doom Ft Big Benn Klingon - Expektoration Live

For all ya’ll that missed out or didn’t wanna shell out 30 quid for the metal fingered villain’s show at the Brixton Academy the other week, this one’s for you.

Expektoration Live is a surprisingly bangin’ live performance recording from Doom, who is notorious for giving whack ass live performances and even sending Doomposters (Doom + Imposters = Doomposters. Ed) to do his shows for him (The Roundhouse show was a fucking joke).

His shows cost an arm and a leg, he’s usually shit and you have to spend an hour surrounded by kids from the suburbs screaming his lyrics like they wanna jump his bones, so this is a lot more of an enjoyable live experience, and Doom is on top form playing all the shit you wanna hear.

The album came out early this month to coincide with his tour, but I’m not sure when it was recorded as it features an appearance from super badman MF GRIMM who Doom recently fell out with. It’s definitely worth a listen and pisses all over his recent live shows, from what I can gather.

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