M.O.P. @ Jazz Café 27th August

BBBRRROOOWWWNNNSSSVVVIIILLLEEE Brooklyn is home to one of Americas most rough rugged and raw hip hop crews and two of the angriest men in hip hop. I am of course talking about M.O.P. AKA Lil’ Fame (Fizzy Womack), Billy Danze and D.J. Lazy Laze.

M.O.P. are hard as fuck, and also pretty good Rappers connected to some of the illest  in the game like Gangstar and Premo, Big Noyd and whole bunch of other folks. They kind of got mixed up with Fiddy Cent and Gay Unit somewhere down the line but we can forgive them for that because they’re dope and obviously paid their dues.

M.O.P haven’t played in London for nine years so I was surprised to see that they were playing at a relatively small venue like Jazz Café, but they completely fucking smashed it.
What’s more hype than two of the angriest blackest dudes jumping around rapping about guns and punching an’ shit over the rocky theme? Not fucking much.

After doing a medley of different stuff over other peoples beats and the usual Biggie, Tu-pac and Big-L tributes they got crazy with some classics like “Hows about some hardcore” and “Ante up” whilst their self confessed alcoholic D.J. Lazy Laze handed out liquer to the crowd and good ol’ Fizzy Womack got behind the 1’s and 2’s. There were loads of scraps in the mosh pit and the usual mix of old school hip hop heads and guys from the suburbs with shaved heads and massive t-shirts but it was a proper show and felt like how hip hop shows used to be before everything became shit.

Here’s some flicks of the show, the qualities a bit shit because the security got their knickers in a twist about us using a camera so we had to do some James Bond shit with an iPhone.

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