Gangrene: So Good We Blogged Them Twice

This is probably one of the dopest releases in a long time and it has got me all excited and heady about the possibility of a new golden era in hip hop.

Gutter Water is the new Jaylib-style project from super producers The Alchemist and Oh No, who are both heavy weights behind the boards.

The Alchemist, originally from Beverly Hills, came to fame producing bangers for the likes of Mobb Deep and Dilated Peoples amongst others. He has been hailed as one of the pioneers of hip hop as we know it, even though he was Eminem’s DJ for bit, but fuck it everyone’s gotta pay the rent.

Oh No, younger brother of super duty tough gangster Madlib and son of jazz cat Otis Jackson is one of the freshest producers and rappers out there at the moment and has been in this shit since he first appeared on Loot Pack‘s debut LP, Sound Pieces, 10 years ago. Since then he’s produced a lot of stuff, working with cats like Dilla, Kankick and his crew Kali Wild and also released the instant classic The Disrupt a few years back.

Basically these dudes know what the fuck is up and this album is gonna be seriously BUTTER.

The album is released on Decon records on th 22ndof Nov but you can get early release shit here next week.

Heres some tracks of the LP, check the video for “Not High Enough” and “The Sickness”.


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