Die Antwoord Are Adorable!

Die Antwoord’s new video is so much fucking fun! Those guys really know how to be weird South African performance art rappers, amirite? Here it is:

They’re also totally adorable- his actual name is the adorably old fashioned Watkin Tudor Jones, he loves rap ‘like a parent would love a retarded child’ and, of course, has the charming air of someone who never thought success would come. Whereas, she is the hottest, cutest Tomboy that ever existed. It’d be great to marry her but you’d have to match her energy, self-confidence and joie de vivre, which you probably can’t. Here are some pictures of her looking like long-term-girlfriend-if-only-you-were-as-funny-and-scrappy-as-she-was material:

  • Superplasmatron

    whose she, the cats mother? Yo-Landi Vi$$er is her name

  • Rtertw

    There is a point where this has to stop and we've clearly passed it

  • jimmycalhoon

    is that diplo dressed up on the bed?

  • dunmatar

    i just click on the worst, least insightful articles knowing that you probably wrote them. it's a little game i play while i'm at work and have nothing better to do.

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