Destroy All Movies

Just recently, Zack Carlson & Bryan Connolly released a book that took them six years to research called ‘Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide To Punks On Film‘. It’s a colossal undertaking that features every instance of a punk appearing on film, often a punk as portrayed from the perspective of someone who knows little or nothing about punks. You pretty much get to laugh at how old people used to see young people.

The whole thing features 1100 movies and must have been a motherbitchfucker of a research job. It’s also got a bunch of interviews with all the greats involved in punk on film, from actual punks (Ian Mackaye) to the guy who wrote the punk song that plays on the bus in Star Trek IV. The whole thing’s a pretty fascinating look at film’s attitudes to delinquent youth over the years, and the guys at Everything Is Terrible (the best found footage site on the internet) have compiled all the punkest bits of those films into a video montage in four parts. Here they are:


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