Cybergoth Dance Routine Sunday

There’s nothing worse than sneering at other peoples’ ways of having fun just because they’re not as cool and sexy as you and your friends’, it’s mean and snide and it’ll only make you a shittier person in the long run.

That said, after we posted that cybergoth video last week we went on a Youtube odyssey of discovery, and watched a million videos of those guys doing their thing.

They film each other doing dance routines and I think they have dance crews. I’m not saying these guys are bad or wrong, or that people can’t do whatever they want unless they conform to certain aesthetic and cultural rules, all I’m saying is, don’t watch these videos with a mouthful of milk, it’ll come shooting straight out your nose.

The skinny guy in the fishnet top stumbles over before it’s his turn for a dance solo. I guess that’d be funny whatever subculture he’s in.

People are trying to get up those stairs guys. And one of you is on the tubby side of tubby, which is kind of funny because he’s wearing a very tight top, and it really doesn’t suit him. Again, that’s something that could happen to anyone, not just a raver from Blade.

This is funny because they look like they’re taking themselves pretty seriously for a pair of guys in wigs vigorously dancing in total daylight. That even looks funny when normal guys do it, I’m not having a go at what they’re into.

This is a guy dancing on his own in his room, which as an act in itself is the stuff of hilarious Youtube gold, so it’s no biggie if you find this amusing, you’re not being a culture snob. That coy lean he does at the beginning is pretty amazing too.

These guys clearly aren’t properly into the scene and are getting it wrong on a few levels, which must annoy the true cybergoths who might be worried that their subculture could get a bad reputation by being associated with these rookies. Plus they’re really just doing the Cha Cha Cha.

Oh fucking shit there’s a workout DVD!!!!!!!!!!



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