Chick Ministries: Hateful Little Comics

Are you a member of the Conservative Christian sect? Do you think AIDS is God’s revenge on gays? Do you hate Jews too? And communists? Have you ever sent a letter-bomb to a family-planning clinic or screamed “YOU ARE SATAN” at a Muslim? Do you often find yourself referring to “God’s firestorm on X’ or ‘a plague on Y’?  And do you love comics?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all the above, then Chick Ministries is the place for you.

In 1960, Jack T. Chick, a weird Christian guy who was unhappy with muttering the gospel under his breath, took a leaf from the book of Chinese political brainwashing and began producing short, easily understood religious ‘tracts’ in cartoon form.

Wikipedia describes them thusly: “The tracts typically follow the themes of fear of incurring the wrath of God and suffering an eternity of agonizing punishment”

And on the particular politics of Chick Tracts, they have this to say: “Chick claims that the theory of evolution is false, homosexuality is sinful, and abortion is murder.. Chick’s tracts make frequent reference to a vast Satanic conspiracy controlling many of the world’s organizations and institutions. Religions other than Protestantism, especially the Roman Catholic Church, are generally presented as instruments of Satan.”

This one, about the dangers of playing Dungeons & Dragons, is the bomb:


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