Agony Uncle Approves: Ugly Americans

Anyone who’s aware that Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show exists will know that there is something seriously wrong with British television at the moment. It’s probably because all the station controllers and commissioning editors just gave up going after younger audiences after reading a Guardian Media blog post about how da yoof are too busy Facebooking and watching Youtube clips to care about the telly because some marketing company carried out some bollocks survey about yoof media consumption habits.

It’s complete bollocks, we just happen to have found out we’ve been fucking gypped all these years. All this time we turned our noses up at at American television because we thought was just all toothless and about as edgy as Hope & Faith. But our eyes have been opened, thanks to the internet, we can stream/download/torrent all the funny, weird, interesting, quirky, engaging and weird programmes that British stations just haven’t bothered to syndicate. After watching a season of The Wire, everything on British television starts to looks like it has the same production budget as an episode of Renford Rejects.

This week I suggest you have a look at Ugly Americans. It won’t change your life and it won’t get featured in the Guardian Media blog (second mention now, it should be painfully obvious now I’m dropping hard hints for some freelance work over there) but it’ll amuse and entertain on a rainy Wednesday evening when you wanna put off doing your university coursework for another half hour. Comic book nerds will probably love the animated comedy series because it looks great for something knocked up in Flash, and they can reference all the comics the show takes it’s aesthetic cues from. Everyone else will like it because it’s show with a simple premise: a social worker in New York City where monsters, wizards and demons live side by side. Hilarity ensues.

Series 1 Episode 1:


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