A Maternity Mixtape Happened!?!

From time to time we get folks emailing in who want to contribute, and most of the time it comes to nothing, so when Andrew Goldspink started exchanging emails with us we didn’t think much of it, we kind of only replied cos he was really nice about the site and we’re suckers for that stuff. But it turns out this guy wasn’t fucking around when he said “you know how you were saying you were into themed mixtapes? Well, I’ll have one to you by Wednesday”.  Way to go with the initiative and drive Andrew! If you need a referee for your CV we’d be happy to step up and say you’re both a thinker AND a doer.

Andrew came back at us with a mix that is essentially ‘Songs To Be Pregnant To’, which gave him an excuse to drop a load of weird shoegaze, soundtrack stuff and a chopped and screwed Enya track on you all, and also get his pretty great blog, Aesthetic Breakdown, plugged up here too. Over to Andrew:

So, you’re expecting a child. A strange little earwig that grows into something that makes sense. What a mindfuck!

Pregnancy is a beautiful time to go mad in the middle of the night and eat ham and grapes. One way to enjoy yourself while pregnant is to slap some Sennheisers over your bulge and play your developing baby music. I would not recommend To Live and Shave in L.A. – the baby will not understand.

However ladies, there is a lot of bullshit out there as to what music you should bother your child with whilst he or she is rocking out to silence in the womb. Most of the bullshit flingers on the web will try and Inception into your head the idea that you should put some Beethoven on. WRONG. Do you want a little disturbingly lame droogie popping out the other end? No. That would be really boring and annoying.


Here is a mixtape of what I feel is the most soothing, lavish and lovely maternity music for you (and your sweet babe’s) pleasure:

mp3: Aesthetic Breakdown Maternity Mixtape (77mb) [320kbps]


Kria Brekkan – Uterus Water
Ajoy Chakraborty – Abhogi
Roberto Cacciapaglia – Quite Still
Thin Hymns – Inland
Paul Giovanni – Opening Music/Loving Couples/The Ruined Church (from The Wicker Man OST)
Girls – Hellhole Ratrace (timestretched 400%)
My Bloody Valentine – Don’t Ask Why
Cocteau Twins – Cico Bluff
Broadcast – Echo’s Answer
Enya – Watermark (chopped & screwed)


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