Action Bronson: Bon Appetit……Bitch

Action Bronson is a young, extremely talented rapper/producer from N.Y. and possibly my new favourite person in 2011.

Heavy set, blue eyes, ginger beard and head to toe in Polo, Queens native, Action Bronson sounds like a top of his game Ghostface with flows like Pun, over beats that sound like someone found a bunch of secret Pete Rock and Large Professor tapes no one had heard before.

Part of the Outdoorsmen click, Action was brought to our attention by Outdoorsmen and New York mix tape king J-Love, who also fronts the whole operation. The Outdoorsmen are connected to Lo-Lifes, a gang started in the 80’s based round stealing millions of dollars worth of and wearing Polo Ralph Lauren. Lo-Lifes spawned some dope rappers like founding members Thirstin Howl III and Rack Lo, but Action is a cut above and definitely the illest to come out of that camp for quite some time.

Action is also a keen chef and puts cooking videos on YouTube called “Action In The Kitchen” which are funny as fuck (I’m not sure if intentionally) but the dude can cook (and you know someone’s got a sense of humour when they open their album rhyming over the Eastbound And Down opening music).
The food theme carries through into the album with tracks like “Aged Manchego”, “Dabble In Truffles” and Ceviche, and the album title “Bon Appetit……..Bitch”. The guy likes to eat.

The album/mix tape is 35 tracks long and there are only maybe two weakish tunes on it. Action is a bit of a master and definitely one to watch in 11.

It Came out on the 5th of Jan and is available on iTunes now, so go cop that shit its butter.

Here are couple of videos of Action in action:


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