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  • Headshrinking

    When I was a 15 I went out with a girl who thought she might be a witch. Even as an adolescent with a pretty serious Obituary obsession I thought this was retarded, but she let me touch her swimsuit parts a bit so I let it slide. She thought that she got me cos of a spell she had cast with her friend. It was really because she had developed pretty early and wore small crop tops. Her hormones made her dumb enough to think those crop tops were magic.

    I rely on sexual prowess to get girls than any magic, when it comes to fucking up my enemies however, I’m physically very weak but I’m also very bitter and vengeful. If I cut off the head of one of my enemies I don’t want to have their torment end at death. I’m going to follow the instructions in this video so that they have to spend eternity in the FUCKING ABYSS.

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