Creepy clown role reversal videos

Have you heard about that craze with creepy clowns, or killer clown videos that gripped the world recently? Well today’s video is going to be on the topic of clowns, only with a slight twist. I thought I’d add a bit of comedy to the website, but comedy that still has a small component of shock. What I’m talking about is the reversal of the creepy clown videos.

Creepy clown parody video

Normally in the creepy clown videos it was the clown who was the antagonist. They would usually wait people somewhere like at the end of the driveway, on the side of the road, in the dark, and then they’d make a move for the people in the car.

In this video the tables have turned however. I don’t wanna spoil the video if you haven’t seen it, but suffice it to say that the roles have reversed. It’s a funny video, that put a smile on our face, while at the same time it did shock us a little. Check it out above. It is only about 40 seconds long, so you won’t lose too much of your time. I know that for a lot people two minutes is the most that they can devote to a video.