Devils Kettle – hole in the ground that eats up half a river

There’s nothing better for the Read Platform team then when we hear about a natural mystery that still hasn’t been explained. Today we’re going to be focusing on Devils Kettle waterfall, which can be found on the Brule River, in C.R Magney State Park in Minnesota. What makes this waterfall interesting is the fact that no one knows for sure where half of the rivers water goes after it lands in a sink hole off the side of the river.

Devils Kettle – hole in the ground that eats up half a river

Brule River is a small river, only about 50 miles long. It ends into Lake Superior, or at least half of it does. The other half of the river tumbles down a sinkhole in the C.R Magney State Park.

What’s puzzling about this situation is that up until now it is not entirely sure where all the water which goes into the sinkhole ends up. Some theories suggest that it has its own outlet into Lake Superior, or that it joins the rest of the river little bit further downstream, but nothing has been proved. People have tried throwing things like ping pong balls, colored dyes, and other similar objects into the sinkhole but they never cropped up again. It’s quite the mystery. We always think that we know pretty much everything there is to know about the world around us, but nature is always prepared to surprise us. Falling down into the sinkhole gives me the hibbie-jibbies.

Creepy clown role reversal videos

Have you heard about that craze with creepy clowns, or killer clown videos that gripped the world recently? Well today’s video is going to be on the topic of clowns, only with a slight twist. I thought I’d add a bit of comedy to the website, but comedy that still has a small component of shock. What I’m talking about is the reversal of the creepy clown videos.

Creepy clown parody video

Normally in the creepy clown videos it was the clown who was the antagonist. They would usually wait people somewhere like at the end of the driveway, on the side of the road, in the dark, and then they’d make a move for the people in the car.

In this video the tables have turned however. I don’t wanna spoil the video if you haven’t seen it, but suffice it to say that the roles have reversed. It’s a funny video, that put a smile on our face, while at the same time it did shock us a little. Check it out above. It is only about 40 seconds long, so you won’t lose too much of your time. I know that for a lot people two minutes is the most that they can devote to a video.

Curious case of Armin Meiwes

While sifting through the internet to find shock stories, one doesn’t need to go further away from the Wikipedia. Yeah, you’ve read that right, Wikipedia. Today I was randomly reading articles there and I stumbled upon a story about Armin Meiwes, the Rotenburg Cannibal. You get two guesses what made Armin famous.

Curious case of Armin Meiwes

Armin is a computer repair technician from Rotenburg, Germany. What made him famous is his unusual sexual fetish, of wanting to eat people as a way to get sexual gratification. To that end, he made an ad on the internet that he was looking for a young man, who is to be eaten by Meiwes. Apparently he posted the ad on a website that deals with unusual sexual fetishes that people have.

Several people answered the ad, believe it or not. Everyone backed out of the deal, except one, Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes. The two met at Meiwes apartment and made a video where both parties agreed to the terms. First Meiwes is to bits of, or cut off Brandes’ penis, and then they were both going to share it. They did that, but then Meiwes proceeded to murder and cut up Brandes and eat him slowly over the course of 10 months. Currently Meiwes serves a life imprisonment. What an horribly morbid story, that makes you wonder about the world we live in.

Freaky places to be – Centralia, near ghost town in Philadelphia

We thought we would make todays article about another freaky place to be. It’s a near ghost town of Centralia in Philadelphia. Town was affected with an underground coal fire, that started back in 1962, although there are other theories about the start of the fire. Since the start most of the city residents have left, leaving less than 10 people living within the city limits.

Freaky places to be – Centralia, near ghost town in Philadelphia

At its height Centralia had more than 1000 people living there, but since the fire that number has dwindled significantly, leaving empty buildings, overgrown with grass, and unmaintained roads and other town infrastructure behind.

Reasons for people leaving the town were multiple. For starters, ground of the areas affected with fire would be burning hot. Fires would also let out dangerous gases, making the air unsuitable for people to breathe in. Lastly, fires made ground prone to collapse due to burnt coal that was no longer there. Check out the video above where some YouTubers visited Centralia and walked around to show how things are there today. For the most part you wouldn’t even know that something was wrong, until you come across hot spots. Very eerie indeed.

Japanese suicide forest – Aokigahara

Have you ever wondered what is the second most popular place on Earth for people to commit suicide? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore. It’s the Aokigahara forest in Japan, on the slopes of Mount Fuji. For the past few decades, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of reported cases of suicide inside the 30 square kilometer spread of the Aokigahara forest.
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